Monday, August 21, 2017

Its a sock, Its a shawl, No its... I don't know what it is.

Okay.  When I worked for StevenBe years ago it was almost impossible to go home with a paycheck. Anyone who has ever been to his shop knows you will always find a yarn that calls to you!  Ah the impulse buy.  My last visit did not disappoint.   However I have not a clue what to make with this delicious ball of sparkly color!  Oh and how could I not find the softest of mohair to match! Best of all.  The color way was the name of my childhood idol....  Wonder woman.  Now making a come back i am thrilled with all the patterns and now a colorway with interest!
Wonder woman from Wild Hare Fiber Studio, Potluck from HedgeHog Fibers 
However here is my dilemma.  I made the purchase with not a clue what to make with them.  How does one even decide with your impulse what the project should be?  I've cast on the Wonder woman skein 5 different times.  2 times were for socks and the other times were different shawls.  Nothing seemed like the right fit and i wanted to incorporate both of these lovelies.  So now it sits starting at me in my yarn bowl begging to be touched and knit into something spectacular. I know that i am not the only fiber artist that does this.  So any suggestions?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Where has the time gone!

Holy Moly!  I didn't even think this was still active!  A lot has happened since my last post and guess what?  I have not knit through my stash.  Not even Close! In fact i worked at a yarn shop for a year and a half and it grew!  I worked for the ever famous StevenBe!
So I'm going to start posting what I've made and been up to the last 4 years!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ah Unemployment~

Well last tuesday I was let go of my job that I worked at for a year and a half as a kitchen and bath designer and also most of the sales that bought my yarn was granite sales.  They let me go because they changed the way that the company was going to be doing things and felt that i no longer fit with where the company was going.  Pout Pout.  I was actually close to leaving any way.  So far I am struggling to get my unemployment approved and I have had two interviews so far.  The first one went really well.  The only thing is that they would not be able to take me on for 4-6 weeks.  But the job is a perfect fit for me so i could wait for the opportunity.  The second interview today was for a commission only job and that scares me but the scheduling is really flexible.  I am hoping I get the first one and if I do that will give me plenty of time to knit.  So here is my knitting plan!  I have reorganized my stash and now I am going to go through my patterns and organize them.  I have been knitting I promise!!!  Also I have knit and finished a ton of projects and I want to get photos and post them on here and on ravelry.  Until next time!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Well I am back!!!!

Click Here!

After going though a divorce and taking some time to find myself I have struggled though my ups and down and now i really don't know where my life is going.  The only thing that is keeping me going is my knitting.  I worked for StevenBe for a year after getting divorced and now have accumulated an enormous stash that is getting out of control.  But i am going to get back on the needles and knit away. I am going to be sharing with you my projects and my struggles.  And I hope I can again knit through my stash without buying any more.

Happy knitting and i hope you will enjoy my journey!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Knit-out 2010 Mall of America

Okay a big what the heck.  I have only been knitting for 3 years but in those three years I was able to partake in the Knit out at the mall of america twice.  I have been teaching some friends how to knit and making new friends who knit and that is all that I talk about.  After getting 6 of my newly knitting friends pumped up about the event I find out that it is not happening this year.  Every other craft has a big event why do we loose ours.  I know that the turn outs have been a success so its not like the interest isn't there.  I would even bet that attendee's would pay for the event.  I know that the mall isn't the best venue and it was very spread out but for it to only run for 4 years.  Totally not fair.  If i was organized enough I would figure out how to set up a knit-out but i know it would involve a-lot of people.  But I am just so bummed out.  And its not like I need or want anymore yarn but it was so inspiring to see all the people who love the craft and all the different ages.  Oh and the fashion show.  I even got to get up on stage and show off a few things that I made.  Well we just have to hope that enough people will complain and they will bring it back.  Maybe we can get the Glitter Knitter to get something together.  I was just thinking of my best memory and it was the knit out 2 years ago.  I had just started knitting while pregnant and all i could do was sit in my bed knit and watch tv.  At that time there were 3 knitting shows on.  I soon became an avid watcher of Knitty Gritty.  At the knit out I got to meet Vicki Howell.  I was almost star struck.  I felt like such a little school girl but it was so cool.  But come to think about it we have lost our knitting shows and now the knit out.  What's next?  Lambs pride?  UHG.  well i think i have vented enough.   

Friday, January 15, 2010

Meaning of the kerchief

Many women who knit start a project to help them get through something that they are experiencing.  I knew that my recent pregnancy was not going to end happily.  I went to the emergency room expecting to get answers to why my pregnancy hormones were not rising properly.  I took with me my needles and some yarn and decided to start a kerchief.  A quick enough project to keep my mind off waiting for answers.  I started the kerchief in the ER.  I was half done by the time we got any answers.  The results were possibly an eptopic pregnancy, or a standard miscarriage.  Reguardless there was no way that this would develope to a full term pregnancy.  We decided to treat it as an ectopic and seek treatment for it.  I worked on the kerchief whenever i started to feel sad about my pregnancy.  I had my appointment today to see if the treatment was a success.  I have started to miscarry today and i finished up my kerchief except for weaving in the loose ends.  I feel that finishing the kercheif has helped in my ability to accept my loss.  I was pregnant but there was never a formation of a baby.  It has been hard on me but it has also made me appreciate my almost 3 year old even more.  I had a miscarriage before him and am thankful that Joseph is a happy, healthy and lovable child.  I feel someone has been watching over me even with the losses to make sure I have healthy children.  We will try again and hope we will be blessed with another healthy child.  But until we can try again I have my knitting to comfort the sad times and a crazy almost 3 year old to make me laugh when i cry.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Working on a new purse

Well my kercheif is not complete yet but i am working on a purse that is knitting up really fast. I will probably make a few of them and sell them on my etsy page.  The bag I am working on is from the newest Interweaves magazine winter 2009. Page 72 The art lace bag.  It is kniting increadably fast and i think i could whip up  couple in a week.   I will post the link when I put it on my etsy page.  will post more later.