Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ready set knit!

okay so i am starting early but i really do have alot of yarn to knit through. So here are the things i am working on today.

This will turn into a set of wrist warmers. this
is my first attempt at faire isle. It is going good
so far. and best of all i am using 5 colors of yarn
for this project.

This is a scarf that i made and think could get 2 more out of the ball of yarn. it doubles as a scarf for around the neck or over your head.

This is a mystery pattern that i am working on. If i finish it it will be the first set of socks other than joes that i will have finished.

This is the yarn i used for the scarf. It is really soft. If i make 3 i will be keeping one for myself.

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