Tuesday, September 9, 2008

question for falling from ewe

What is your favorite thing about Autumn.

There are so many thing where do i start.
I love the colors the rich reds and oranges. I love being able to wear big comfy sweatshirts all the time. And being able to wear legwarmers for a porpose other than style. I love going to the apple orchards the smell is amazing and of course halloween. That is my favorite holiday of all time. What other holiday can you get away with wearing rediculous costumes out in public. When i was pregnant and had a little prego belly i dressed up like britney speers. That was the only time i felt comfortable with my belly hanging out. LOL other times it just couldn't of been prevented. But i love everything about autumn. And it will be really fun when i my son will learn about leave piles.

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Rocky said...

I agree, Fall colors, Fall scents, are just the best.