Thursday, October 29, 2009

Late but almost up to date with everything I have been working on.


Okay I know that I haven’t been keeping up with the blog but i have been getting a lot of knitting done.  I think i am close to getting caught up on what i have been working on.  These pictures are everything that i worked on within the first month.

This is the wrist warmer that I started and completed within 2 weeks.  And yes i did get the 2nd one done also.  Only to find out that I can’t wear them for very long because they really itch.


In this photo,  The Revena Satchel (as of now it is felted and wip for the needle felting) Winter wonderland coat (the red color-  7”’s to go for the back piece.  Been working on this religiously)  The orange piece is a chest piece for a dress.  The blue is my dad’s vest.


Dad’s vest, black lacy shawl, elephant baby hat


Some are repeats the big blue ball is a circular shawl from knitty, shipwreck shawl, Short sleeve shirt knit in wool and mohair. 


Beer cozies in the green, the mess of balls in the middle are to be felted for a bracelet, a hat for Joe,  Treasure of a pocket purse  so far still working on the Mexican lace piece but i do have the beads picked out for the finishing work,  a bag still need to do piece two and felt.


the needle bowl was fun it is felted and made using 12 different kinds of wool.  That was a big stash buster well at least for the scraps.  The little blue bowl knit up fast and i keep my stitch markers in it and knitting notions.


These are all items i have had going for some time, 1 slipper still need to do the other one but i forgot what part of the pattern i was on, a stripy bag need to knit edging, the green stripy thing is going to be a felted 6 pack holder, a dice bag, wrist warmer, and Kleenex cozy i just need to put a button on it. 


Shawl in the brown and yellow, red and grey is one side of a coin purse, still going on the circle blanket got to an annoying part so i got board of it.


Well that is i so far it seems like i have done a lot but i just haven’t finished that much.  I am really good at starting projects just not finishing them.  Maybe i should change it up to at least casting on every ball of yarn.  I could get that done in a month.  But i will just keep plugging away.  I do have new stuff i want to share i just need to make more progress before i want to show off.  So until next time.  Happy knitting.