Tuesday, August 12, 2008

big bag swap questionnaire

  • Do you knit, crochet, or do both? For how long? I have been knitting for 2 years now and have become quite obsessive. and i learned how to crochet when i was 8 my mom thought she taught me but i picked it up on my own from watching her. But the only stitch i knew how to do was a treble crochet because i did not know when to quit crocheting through the loop. LOL
  • What other crafts do you do, if any? What ever interests me at the time when i have money. I love DIY network. Still dissappointed knitty gritty is of the air but anyway. I scrapbook, make cards, dabble in fimo, and try to paint
  • What are your favorite colors? Colors you loathe? I like deep rich colors reds oranges blacks turquois neutral blends. I really like multi colored blends i do not like yellow, green, or purple.
  • Favorite yarn brands? Fiber types? Yarn you can't stand? I love noro and love trying new fibers
  • What is your favorite type of item to knit/crochet? Purses, one skein items, accessories, chunky shawls and vests, scarves
  • What kind of needles do you like? (i.e. circular, straight, metal, bamboo, etc.) I love addi but who doesn't I have an assortment addi bamboo but circulars are the best for me that way my son doesn't take off with the other needle
  • Any knitting tools you lack but crave? a yarn winder always need stitchmarkers, harmony's wood interchangeable needles. I love the colors anything that is unique
  • Patterns you've been dying to get but haven't yet? I want to make a pair of legwarmers ones with alot of texture and design i will throw some in my queue on ravelry. And I want to use the 12" addi circulars on them.
  • Do you drink coffee, tea, cocoa? Flavors you love/hate? Huge coffee drinker can't function without it. Cariboo coffee knows me by name love hot chocolate in the winter
  • Favorite sweets & snacks? chocolate, truffles, jelly belly's, taffy and dorito's blazzin' buffalo ranch chips love them!!!!
  • Any pets, kids, spouses? Spouses that act like pets or kids? (j/k) Joseph 17 month old son David my husband of 4 years August 21st, 8 year old German shorthair pointer Buster, 4 year old Siamese Mylo
  • Favorite things to knit/crochet for the above, if applicable? I make hats for my son and husband and toys for my son i don't want to make clothes for him because he will just outgrow it. i felt toys for my dog and make catnip pouches for my cat.
  • What kinds of books do you like to read? Favorite authors or genres? I love stephen king i haven't read anything of his past the dark tower series. would love to get caught up
  • Do you collect anything? (besides yarn! LOL!) not really i love fairy's and puzzles of fairy's and i like to collect new tools for crafting. Joann fabric just came out with new tools for polymer clay and i am excited to pick some of those up.
  • What, if any, are your non-craft related hobbies? Biking hiking canoeing camping taking pictures anything out doors, i need to post this on my blog but for our honeymoon we canoed the mackenzie river in the northwest territories we were gone for 3 months and spent 46 nights on the river. The most amazing thing i have ever done. Aside from having my son.!!.
  • Scents you adore? Scents that make you gag? I love almond cherry blossom and slice of heaven from victoria secret. It smells like cake
  • What is your idea of a relaxing time? When joseph is asleep. watching a movie and knitting or on a walk or just away from the house and the city.
  • Oh yeah, are you on Ravelry and if so, care to share your Ravelry ID? stoofyknits

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