Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Van

Well exciting news. I bought a new minivan last night. We found out we were getting a decent tax refund so we went out and bought a van. We went to southview chevrolete and we got a fenominal deal. They really helped us and gave us a really great deal. If you are in the market I highly recomend going there.
No recent milestones for Joseph today.
I did however start a new knitting project last night. I am making a beenie with black silk. It should be quite pretty.
I have to run to target now and drive my new van. I love it. It has heated seats and built in DVD player. Just what Joseph needed now he can watch baby einstien in the car. By the way that was total sarcasm in my voice.

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Karen said...

what kind of van did you get? i am looking for a newer used vehicle myself. i am always hesitent going into a dealership as i am a single mom. who do you recommend i see at southview chevrolet?